Leakage control system

SGB detectors are suitable for detecting leaks in double-walled tanks and pipes.

Overpressure and Underpressure Leak Detection

All our leak detection systems operate based on the pneumatic principle of overpressure and depression.

Air or gas is introduced into the monitoring area, specifically the interstitial space between the inner and outer wall, and continuously monitored using a leak detector.
Should a leak occur, the pressure in the interstitial space will decrease and an alarm will be activated.

Industrial Tank Leak Detectors

Industrial tanks must meet high safety requirements, National and International. These requirements call for innovative concepts based on decades of practice/experience.

SGB Experts are at your service for design, installation and field operation testing.

Excellent technical support based on experience and subject knowledge


  • Proven quality through wear and tear and strength tests
  • Supply of all components from tank connections to leak detection system
  • Reliable visual, audible and multimedia (email/SMS) alerts
  • Resistant to weather, chemically critical or explosive environments as required by European and National regulations
  • Turnkey solutions: Design, Installation and Maintenance.

Leak Detectors for Petrol Stations

Our systems operate independently, but can also be easily and effectively used with networked systems.
For us, “compliance” means not only meeting international standards, but also your specific needs.


  • Our leak detection technology is flexible and intelligent guaranteeing you their maximum safety and functionality
  • Product engineering fully meets the world’s most stringent standards
  • Leak prevention with remote control
  • Professional data transmission solutions
  • Installation and maintenance domestically and internationally
  • Excellent value for money
  • All SGB products are guaranteed by the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality system

Leak detectors from fuel tank systems

Our leak detection technology, is recognized for its robustness, strength and durability, with low investment costs.
This is achieved through the use of reliable electronics, proven compression pumps, and modern designs that perfectly meet customer requirements.


  • Efficient design, innovative technology, proven quality
  • Modern appearance and additional features such as digital pressure indicator
  • Robust, reliable, economical
  • Low maintenance and function test of three-way intake valves
  • Built-in voltage indicator
  • Ability to customize the product with the customer’s colors and logo