Tank inventory control system

With Hectronic’s OptiLevel solutions, you can achieve comprehensive visibility inside tanks, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers.

OptiLevel HLS 6010 Probe

HLS 6010 probes measure tank contents safely, reliably and without maintenance. HLS 6010 probes operate according to the floating technology developed by Hectronic. Floating technology offers the advantage of not being subject to wear and tear.

It recognizes a change of fluid and automatically adapts to the new medium. Therefore, one type of probe can be applied to almost any fluid and greatly reduces both the number of items in stock and ordering options. In addition, a change of product in the tank does not result in changes to the HLS probe, either in terms of software or hardware components.

Compared with measurement by float position, this technology is significantly less sensitive to pollution in the tank because no parts can stick or jam.


  • Measurement extremelreliable, wired or wireless method.
  • Insensitive to dirt.
  • Mix of high-quality materials.
  • Simplified storage-one type of probe, usable for almost any liquid.
  • Detection of water in fuel and detection of ethanol.
  • Self-calibrating, easy installationand maintenance-free.

OptiLevel Connect

Small and powerful

OptiLevel Connect is the interface between the higher-level system and the probes. As an explosion barrier, OptiLevel Connect simultaneously acquires galvanic isolation of each probe, thus offering reliable explosion protection.

With the successor to the OptiLevel Supply series, it is now possible to use and combine even more devices in the field. In the standard version, OptiLevel Connect is available in three levels of combination-for one probe, for up to two probes, or for up to four probes. In full expansion, up to 32 probes can be connected to a host.

Additional modules can be inserted into the prepared slots, and functions can be extended!


  • Functional box with simpleand modern design.
  • 24V variant for truck installation and mobile refueling solutions.
  • Presentation of tank content data, independent of location.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Outdoor use possible (protection class IP42)Easy extension of functions via plug-in.

Mineo 2 Controller Touch

Small Controller with great potential

As a secure hub of tank content management, the controller collects all fill level data that can be retrieved online via Hectronic’s cloud.

Mineo 2 has all the common interfaces for flexible integration of external devices such as cash register systems, gas station controls, and other peripheral devices.

Large 7”-color touch display, shows fill levels of up to 32 tanks clearly and easily to use Additional useful functions, such as automatic monitoring of what is missing, auto-calibration of tanks, delivery detection, and detection of static leakage and theft, make the Controller Touch Mineo 2, an indispensable aid.


  • Powerful controller with easy and intuitive user interface all in one.
  • Central administration.
  • Emergency alarm and transfer to external devices.
  • Surveillance of up to 32 tanks with one controller.
  • Multiple communication and connectivity options.
  • Open for third-party systems.

PetroLine ATG

Manage and retrieve tank content data in real time

Tank Content Management Software PetroLine ATG

PetroLine ATG’s platform-independent, web-based reservoir content management software enables online retrieval of fill levels via browser from a PC, tablet or smartphone-anytime, anywhere. Operation is simple and intuitive thanks to a well-structured and clear user interface .

Management of rights, users and stations provides maximum flexibility. For example, fuel suppliers can be integrated to enable independent delivery. A defined vendor acquires information about the tank content data and can arrange the next delivery as requ In the long run, this reduces costs, facilitates logistics and ensures a continuous supply of fuel.


  • Real-time surveillance of tank contents.
  • Flexible management of permits, users, stations, and integration of fuel suppliers.
  • Highest safety standards.
  • Open for third-party systems.

Hecofill System

Highest level of protection

The combination of Level Controller (NK) and the Hecofill maximum level probe sets the standard and provides a high degree of safety during storage and transfer of hazardous liquids.

This is due to the fact that the level controller and the limit value probe consisting of an intrinsically safe circuit, operate in fail-safe mode and can be supplied universally. The probe is approved for use in zone 0. The devices and probes are ATEX-approved and meet the requirements of KVU (CH) as special filling protectors and WHG (D) as overflow protectors.


  • High degree of security of permanent self-monitoring.
  • Independent of medium, density, conductivity or temperature.
  • No calibration required.
  • Almost maintenance-free due to the lack of moving parts in the tank.
  • Wide range of applications.